Health Care

Kids cough discovery

My son was coughing for 2 weeks and the cough just wouldn’t go away despite having his medication.  Then I decided to stop his medication and let him heal naturally, being a mother I just can’t stand seeing him suffer.  Therefore I decided to give him a few drops of Marine Omega with Krill Oil.… Read More Kids cough discovery

Western Food

Spinach Chicken Pasta

Cooking is always an interest and also it depends on the available ingredients at home when tummy is growling.  I checked my fridge and found spinach and chicken fillet.  Thinking to myself, Chinese cooking again…nah…let’s try Western again lol.  Digging further I found Prego pasta sauce and multi-purpose batter flour.  Great! Pasta time. I usually… Read More Spinach Chicken Pasta

Asian Food

Healthy Kids Food

My colleague shared with me his childhood food and there is one unforgettable dish his late grandma cooked for him which is a simple food made of mince meat, egg and onions.  He was so happy that he finally succeeded that his cooking taste similar to his late grandma.  I asked him to share the… Read More Healthy Kids Food


Working @ Home

Woman who are working to climb career ladders plus juggling house work and kids at home, don’t you ever feel tired? Well I do, I do not have work time flexibility or the option to work from home. The only time that I can work from home is weekends for my own part time business… Read More Working @ Home

Asian Food

Kids Simple Lunch

Had a look at my fridge this morning oh dear haven’t been doing grocery shopping and left with spinach and Broccoli.  As for meat hmm only left with bacon ?Limited resources so decided to be creative let’s make spinach and bacon for kids’ lunch. Diced spinach and bacon Took fat out from the bacon and… Read More Kids Simple Lunch



Growing up is really fun and enjoyable and when our kids enter school it will be another fun filled adventure for me as a mum.  My son will be entering primary school next year and I had enrolled him early this year to secure a place for him.  The school requires him to sit for… Read More School

Business Journey

Nu Agility Fun

I love to have fun as a mummy, at work and in my part time business.  I just had an idea of creating some fun posts in  The fun part is that it contains several categories: Beauty Fitness Health Fear factor I posted some pictures today that I fear heights but not depths as… Read More Nu Agility Fun