Tow Truck Adventure

Two days ago I was getting ready to send my son to school, unfortunately, I am unable to move the car.  Nope it was not the car that drop dead, the engine started up nicely but I was unable to engage the gear.  Tried so many ways including pressing the shift lock in case my… Read More Tow Truck Adventure


Project Management – Agile vs Waterfall

Everyone is excited when Agile Project Management is being introduced.  Why?  Faster delivery or deployment and objective driven through priority.  I am sharing my personal experience for both of these methodologies. For ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) projects I often apply waterfall methodology,  taking an assumption of an integrated system, we should deploy the entire solution… Read More Project Management – Agile vs Waterfall

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The Call

I just read a post on a blog which I am following that the author wrote about her mother.  The blog brings me memory of my late grandmother and her call.  Back in 2003, I was going through my divorce and I was laid off from my job, that 8 months was a depressing period… Read More The Call



Had a project meeting last week and a colleague approached me personally.  She had a casual chat with me and informed me of her observation towards me: Stress Frustration Lethargic She asked me to relax and then had a few casual chats with me.  She sent me 2 links the next day: She… Read More Meditation


Living Near the Forest

Bought my current house 4 years ago, enjoyed the serenity of its surrounding with low density of residents and facing the forest, we were excited that our house is in a new development area we were very happy with our purchase.  We have friendly neighbors and we do look out for each other.   The… Read More Living Near the Forest