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Spinach Chicken Pasta

Cooking is always an interest and also it depends on the available ingredients at home when tummy is growling.  I checked my fridge and found spinach and chicken fillet.  Thinking to myself, Chinese cooking again…nah…let’s try Western again lol.  Digging further I found Prego pasta sauce and multi-purpose batter flour.  Great! Pasta time. I usually… Read More Spinach Chicken Pasta

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Pasta Cravings

Have you watched Peppa Pig cartoon with your little ones?  There is one episode where Peppa and George requested for spaghetti.  While spending time with the kids watching their favorite cartoon, I stood up and said ‘Kids why not you have spaghetti for lunch today’.  Applause with sounds of hurray! Then creativity kicks in again,… Read More Pasta Cravings

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Weekend Cooking

I guess these few weeks I am really into cooking home cooked food at home.  Usually I do not have the mood to cook and when I cook I can’t stop creating dishes.  This weekend I had 2 self-created dishes.  Let me share one now. My children will always comment on my cooking, they will… Read More Weekend Cooking