Yupe fear, decided to write on this when I was driving back 2 days ago.  What are my fears?  Lose my job, unable to care for my family, work loads etc.  I seldom have fear unless I am alone in the dark, lol.  What causes my fear now?  As the economic situation goes from bad… Read More Fear


Tow Truck Adventure

Two days ago I was getting ready to send my son to school, unfortunately, I am unable to move the car.  Nope it was not the car that drop dead, the engine started up nicely but I was unable to engage the gear.  Tried so many ways including pressing the shift lock in case my… Read More Tow Truck Adventure

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The Call

I just read a post on a blog which I am following that the author wrote about her mother.  The blog brings me memory of my late grandmother and her call.  Back in 2003, I was going through my divorce and I was laid off from my job, that 8 months was a depressing period… Read More The Call


Living Near the Forest

Bought my current house 4 years ago, enjoyed the serenity of its surrounding with low density of residents and facing the forest, we were excited that our house is in a new development area we were very happy with our purchase.  We have friendly neighbors and we do look out for each other.   The… Read More Living Near the Forest


Bullying ~ Society

In the recent case of 18-year-old T. Nhaveen, it raised many eyebrows of Malaysians questioning what had happen to our society.  There are many types of bullying namely verbal, cyber and physical.  T. Nhaveen as described by his mother a shy and introvert teenager, was bullied and brutally murdered by a group of teenagers.  Being… Read More Bullying ~ Society


Working In Japan

I was tidying up my photos in my hard drive and I noticed that I took quite a lot of pictures while I was working in Japan back in 2009.  I was an IT project manager back then and I do really enjoy working in different countries.  I was given 2 project choices to manage… Read More Working In Japan



Growing up is really fun and enjoyable and when our kids enter school it will be another fun filled adventure for me as a mum.  My son will be entering primary school next year and I had enrolled him early this year to secure a place for him.  The school requires him to sit for… Read More School


Penang Food Adventure

Who doesn’t love food … lol.  I love eating and thankfully I am still within my BMI range, phew.  Penang is a food heaven where you can enjoy different flavors from spicy to sour.  Of course Penang is famous for Assam Laksa, Cendol and Nasi Kandar.  Its unfortunate that I cannot taste these this time… Read More Penang Food Adventure


Penang Trip

It was a great weekend last week spending a short trip with my family.  My son wanted to take a ride on a plane and we decided to go somewhere near so that he has things to chat with his schoolmates when school reopens.  Kids are kids and I love making them happy without spoiling… Read More Penang Trip