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The Call

I just read a post on a blog which I am following that the author wrote about her mother.  The blog brings me memory of my late grandmother and her call.  Back in 2003, I was going through my divorce and I was laid off from my job, that 8 months was a depressing period… Read More The Call


Living Near the Forest

Bought my current house 4 years ago, enjoyed the serenity of its surrounding with low density of residents and facing the forest, we were excited that our house is in a new development area we were very happy with our purchase.  We have friendly neighbors and we do look out for each other.   The… Read More Living Near the Forest


Appreciate Life

I was walking back from lunch and crossing the road while the traffic light is red and the green man light up, a bus came high speed and not intending to stop.  I screamed and my colleagues were behind me stopped not knowing who screamed.  It is unfortunate fate for the 2 motorcyclists who saved… Read More Appreciate Life


Goodbye Aunt

When I got home happily to see my kids after work, my dad looked different.  My mum looked at me awkwardly and I was thinking, there should not be anything wrong with the kids because they are happily running about and climbing all over me playing with me.  Then I told my kids that I… Read More Goodbye Aunt