Working In Japan

I was tidying up my photos in my hard drive and I noticed that I took quite a lot of pictures while I was working in Japan back in 2009.  I was an IT project manager back then and I do really enjoy working in different countries.  I was given 2 project choices to manage… Read More Working In Japan


Penang Food Adventure

Who doesn’t love food … lol.  I love eating and thankfully I am still within my BMI range, phew.  Penang is a food heaven where you can enjoy different flavors from spicy to sour.  Of course Penang is famous for Assam Laksa, Cendol and Nasi Kandar.  Its unfortunate that I cannot taste these this time… Read More Penang Food Adventure


Penang Trip

It was a great weekend last week spending a short trip with my family.  My son wanted to take a ride on a plane and we decided to go somewhere near so that he has things to chat with his schoolmates when school reopens.  Kids are kids and I love making them happy without spoiling… Read More Penang Trip