Industry of Tomorrow

Information Technology had evolved in many ways over the years, check out the statistics below and mobile applications are part and puzzle of our daily lifestyles.  Ask ourselves, can we live without our mobile phones?

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I attended an event organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) few weeks back and they shared how millennials are contributing their talents and ideas to the economy.  Rainmaking was invited to share with the participants how technology evolve from Skype, Facebook and to the latest craze Pokemon Go that penetrates worldwide in just 19 days!  Yes 19 days, imagine how powerful and influential technology is.

In the event, a lot of sharings on the following:

  • How will corporate senior management change their thinking and leadership towards technology advancement
  • How did they change to the new thinking and kept the old school thinking as a guide
  • How did project agility help in technology development

Panelists were invited from Gamuda (an engineering, property and infrastructure company based Malaysia), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Digi (a mobile service provider in Malaysia).  Few questions were thrown to these leaders.

  1. How did they attract young talent?
  2. How did change from old school to new ideologies?
  3. What were their challenges?
  4. What did they get from Rainmaking VIP program?

Rainmaking introduced VIP program and these 3 organizations collaborated with MDEC and Rainmaking in making a change to their organizations to thinking agile, move agile and deploy agile.  I am not sure how much this program costs but am sure this will help most organizations in Malaysia that is thinking of change with technology advancement for growth.  Among the things that were shared were:

Young Talents

MAS shared how they attracted young talents in their 20s and they were asked only 2 from the VIP program are in their 30s.  Paul who is the representative speaker from MAS discussed that they wanted change and young talents are often attracted to easy use of technology.  Therefore they attracted these age groups and created opportunities for these talents, their ROI are ideas and technology advancement.


Gamuda is the one that I am interested in being 40 years in the industry with many loyal employees in Gen X and Baby Boomer generations.  How did they manage to change their mindset from the old school?  Wong shared that the VIP program from Rainmaking created the shift in delivering solutions for Malaysian’s swift project deployment and how IT played an important role in serving the infrastructure development in delivering quickly and with quality.  However, I still cannot grasp how did the old school mentality change to adapt the changing times.

Technology Delivery

Digi represented by Praveen shared how they change the old school from paper collection when a mobile SIM card is lost to a kiosk driven technology that removes application and filing of lost SIM card.  Within minutes of lodging for a new SIM, the kiosk is able to replace the user with a new SIM and deactivate the old SIM all just through the convenience of the kiosk terminal.  He added that Rainmaking VIP program changed their mindset to think of what if Digi does not exist tomorrow.  Great sharing and mind you, he is young!

Of course during the event, I felt left out as I am in my 40s but in my opinion that whether we are in our 40s or 50s we should also embrace technology as this is the future.  As corporate leaders we hold our positions because of our experience, exposure and not to mention talent, but we should also embrace ourselves to learn to change, adapt and adopt technology as the future is in technology.

So how does Gen X and Baby Boomers change?  In my 2 cents opinion, I personally learned new technologies like mobile applications and business intelligence using new technologies.  Big Data a Big World for me and therefore I rely on knowledge through events and talents.  Besides reading up the new available technologies, I personally mix with the millennials to learn from them what is the so-called ‘in-thing’ that they are learning or looking for.

As a leader, we should give them opportunity to create ideas and solutions.  It may sound crazy at times but kept reminding ourselves that we should change and guide them with our old school knowledge as a foundation but remember not to take away their crazy ideas.  Once the ideas are taken away from them then we are also taking away talents.  The collaboration really works and millennials appreciate and works effectively!

Like I mention how many of us can do without our mobile phones?  Everything is super convenient that we are able to obtain information conveniently from the mobile in our hands.  So are you in for change or out?