Its Been A While…

I haven’t been blogging for weeks and I miss blogging.  What happen?  Many things happened around me at work and home.  Gosh I really need stamina to battle these stuffs.  Organization restructuring took place and my house is in a broken stage.


I am glad that our restructuring is stabilizing but it doesn’t mean that retrenchment will not happen again.  Organization restructuring is a mind challenge and an emotional too where you see colleagues were asked to resign, managed out and transferred.  Not to mention politics is at its max where you experience massive grapevines, colleagues out of a sudden became super active updating to the bosses and sadness of the unknown.  I would say the management team did a good job in transferring the employees to a new company and manage to maintain jobs for the employees.  Of course, during this time there are multiple resignations due to insecurity.  This is the 1st wave.

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In the 2nd wave, we were requested to reduce our employees further that means no new hire, identify non-performing employees to activate Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) and to nominate managed out employees.  The first two is easily managed but manage-out employees will be a tough decision especially the employee had been contributing to the organization, loyal and performing.  It was a tough decision when I was informed that one of my division needs to be dissolved and my options were:

  1. Manage out employees
  2. Transfer employees
  3. Reskill employees

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I was in a dilemma when I need to select between my subordinates to manage out.  I was given 2 days to decide which I extended, thanks to the long 5 days weekend public holidays.  I also seek my 2 trusted senior managers to understand our subordinates performance and welfare.  Decision made and I had to manage out a subordinate who is expecting his 3rd child while the other one is single remained his job.  You may think that I am a mean person not considering the welfare of the employee with family.  It was a tough decision as both my senior managers gave me their comments and reasons.  I considered, if the selected employee can be reskilled – No OR can he be transferred – maybe.  I made calls to different companies within the group during the long public holiday to relocate him.  I found 2 options and he chose neither as the positions were lower and he needs to reduce his salary.  The last option came on a Sunday which he can maintain his position and somewhat similar to his current job scope.  He accepted happily, thanking me for helping him and not even upset with me that he was selected to manage out.  What a relieve that he could have a job to secure his financial position.  Today he happily informed me the well-being of his unborn child.

Next, reskill the other remaining employees from the division.  Thankfully had them involved in some of the projects; they had been planning, documenting and understanding business requirements.  The re-skill was not an issue but just a bit more work for now till the closing of the division completes.  Job secured for them.


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Thanks to the long public holiday, I was able to assist my hubby to close his business.  He decided to take my advice to close it down due to massive siphoning money off the firm by his partners.  Had to assist him selling off company assets and the business which was a mental challenge for him.  As a wife I can truly see him demoralised, stressed and depressed.  Close friends adviced how to handle the matter and they too advice to close the business in order not to incur more losses.

This story is still on-going even though the business cease operations, one of the ex-partner turned employee kept harassing my hubby with WhatsApp messages asking him if he sold the business and assets.  Additionally, kept spying on my hubby what he does in the shop and WhatsApp him why is he cleaning up, why is he disposing rubbish and many more…gosh my hubby was so disturbed.  The amount of mental torture to my hubby was really bad and I stood by him for moral support.

Our House

When you encounter bad luck it comes one after another and in 3s.  Hopefully this is the last and its our house.

I reversed my car into my house last week, loud crack as if I knock into something.  I got down from my car and I saw my tiles popping up.  Then entered my house and my dining area tiles are popping out too.  Bummer…took time off and got tilers to repair.  Not to mention after repairing, cleaning process is another activity.  However, I do enjoy the cleaning process with my hubby.  It was fun as we teased each other and then segregate tasks at home.  It also a way to get his mind away from his business downfall not to mention great fitness workout doing massive cleaning, lol.

Image result for all things happen for a reasonYes, although these few weeks were challenging: Things happen for a reason and I believe these challenges are life learning lessons that will make us a greater couple, stronger bonding and how to survive a marriage.

A wisdom sharing from a colleague a while ago, yes everything happen for a reason; what matters is how to improve every fall to be better the next time.