What will they say at your funeral?

Don’t get shock with this title, I received this email from Willem Gous, a Life Designer coach, whom I attended his webinar for 3 weeks.  Interesting as this was part of the homework that he assigned to us.  It made me think for sometime before I actually inquired what is expected answer.  He guided by asking me, “Who do you intend to be?” I wrote down my answers and submitted, as a Life Designer Coach, Willem Gous reminded us again.  Trust me, the answer will be different as we progress along in life.  Something for you to ask yourself in the email he sent to me:

  1. What people would say about our life if you were to die today?
  2. Would they say you had an average life or a life of inspiration to others?
  3. Would they say you achieved what most people would during a normal life or would they say you achieved international recognition for the work you did in your field?
  4. Would your life inspire others to do the same?

The first question caught me off guard which I struggle to answer.  When I was younger and unmarried, I often want to be in the highest ever career ladder managing a huge team with great success in the IT world transforming not only lives by making technology as user friendly especially for my parents’ age group.  But at the same time, I need to have a self-own success not through career but my own business venture.  So my plans were not solid as I am in the cross junction.  To be greedy I was asked why not both?

To answer the 2nd question, I was thinking to myself what I can I inspire others?  This is tough as I love cooking, I like project management etc.  After being a mum, I enjoy an average life spending time with my children instead of fighting politics in the corporate world.  I had taken so many steps back in the corporate world only focusing on my family and prioritize what I can put into my career.  So yeah, an average life now…

I had to be very persistent in achieving international recognition but it made me thought what can I do to be internationally recognized.  This could be something that I need to work on in order to live the life that I wanted.  Its no harm trying to aim for works we want to achieve in life, do not feel under pressure if the goal seems far, pace it and we will definitely achieve something such as own a house of our dreams, a career that we always wanted and many more.  What goals that are set will be our satisfaction.

On the fourth question, definitely, I remember I chose not to earn an education bachelors degree when I was 19 years old but I chose to work.  This is my choice, but I realized that I am unable to progress further in the career ladder or it would take rather long to achieve the position that I wanted in the corporate world.  I manage to obtain my Masters Degree at the age of 36!  Age does not matter, right?  I had a reporting subordinate who I saw was just like me, graduated with a College Diploma and decided to work instead of earning a university degree.  I am not sure what I spoke to her influenced her to look up for university degree offers, honored that she discussed with me and seek for recommendation and opinion.  What I am proud of is that she took up the challenge after listening to my story and completed her university degree.

As you can see the answer to question 4 is somewhat answering question 2 where indirectly I had inspired someone not internationally but within my work group.  If we do not ask these questions to ourselves frequently, would anyone be able to identify that we somewhat achieved something in life.


Yupe we do make mistakes all the time, but do you allow yourself to make the same mistake repeatedly?

Image result for slap on the faceMaybe its time to give ourselves a slap on the face if we do repeat our mistakes.  Mistakes at time considered as failure but unrealized it is a life lesson that we get up and walk again.

Image result for baby get up and walk againTreat ourselves like a baby allow mistakes, when we fall, reach out and climb up to walk again.  We may not have a supporting pair of hands but with technology we will be able to make something out of the failure.  Most importantly is that “NEVER GIVE UP”!

Next, reflecting who we are and what chair we are sitting on now (if you do not get the chair, refer to my previous post), are we willing to start again from ground zero removing emotions, ego, past achievements and recognition.  This is a self-challenge which I personally felt that we need to let go and hit the RESTART button once again to achieve similar heights of success.

Image result for empty your cup

So yes we need to empty our cup so that it can be refilled, who knows that the new cup of tea or coffee taste better than the previous ones?  Empty it so that we feel hungry for more to be filled so that we fill our cup with joy, success once again and recognition once again.  What we learn from our mistakes show us in life what are our priorities, happiness towards our priorities and never feel that the cup is already full.  So empty our ego in the cup, our emotions in the cup and let’s filled it up with priorities that gives us happiness and satisfaction.

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