Western Food

When Western Meets Asian Food

I marinated my char siew (chinese roast pork) and decided to cook it.  Had a crazy idea to have pasta served with char siew.  So here goes the recipe.

  1. Take around 300-500 grams of lean pork clean with vinegar and corn flour.  This is to remove the porky smell
  2. Diced 3 garlic cloves and 5 small onion shallots
  3. Spread evenly on the meat and put pinch of salt on eat side of the meat
  4. Then put in Hoi Sin sauce and honey, 200ml each.  Mix them together before pouring it onto the meat.


  1. Place the meat into the fridge for 2 hours before removing it.  Let the meat cool down for 5 minutes upon removing it from the fridge.
  2. Next put the meat into the oven and set it to grill at 180°C for 45 minutes.  Flip the meat every 10 minutes to have the entire meat grilled evenly


  1. At the same time, pour any dry pastpasta of your preference to boil.  I measure by my hand for 1 person 1 handful.  Remember to put in a teaspoon of salt to boil.
  2. Once done, remove the soften pasta from the boiling pot and run it through cold water.


  1. Dice 2 garlic cloves, 3 onion shallots and spinach.
  2. Heat the pot with medium fire and put garlic and onions into the pot to fry till golden brown.
  3. Then fry the spinach or any vegetables of our choice.  Carrots will make the pasta taste better.
  4. Next pour cooked pasta into the mix and stir fry it.  You may add bacon to taste.  Just 1 piece of bacon will do, diced up.
  5. Once the meat is ready, pour pasta sauce, I bought the wrong sauce but this dish will taste better with white pasta sauce.
  6. Spinkle some dried thyme leave just 2 spinkles will do
  7. Once the mix is done, pour pasta sauce and add a can of water to mix with it to boil.

You may now remove the warm meat from the oven after cooking the meat. Slice the meat as thin as possible and place it next to the pasta.


There you go…simple and quick dinner meal for the weekend.